Everyone knows them, the tin plates or the ceramic tiles in grandma’s kitchen and living room, sporting an either lighthearted or dead serious proverb. East, west, home’s best; after rain comes sunshine; the early bird catches the worm, there is nobility in labour… Each and every one of these sayings belongs to our collective memory. Apparently, the need to broadcast messages is set in our genes, as we notice a similar phenomenon popping up in the late 1980’s, this time, however, outdoors: Graffiti artists make an effort to convey a message to the masses, whether politically inspired or purely visual. Some of them draw attention to an issue, give a signal; to others it is merely a matter of claiming the public space by asserting their presence in an artful way.


Fascinated by both phenomena, designer franky claeys decided to rethink and condense them into a new product: Message On A Wall (MOAW), a series of isolated, simple words. A simplicity that is laid out throughout the entire design: a single font, a single height, a single material.
A simple yet ingenious system enables easy mounting on a wall.


SMILE, THINK, RELAX, LOVE… the lady and the master of the house communicate their heartfelt advice with a wink. Being true mood definers, the MOAW’s gently steer the humour of those entering the room.


MOAW: messages for a happier life







fluorescent transparent orange



fluorescent transparent orange

sales code THINK MIRROR


fluorescent transparent orange



fluorescent transparent orange

sales code RELAX BLACK


fluorescent transparent orange

sales code RELAX WHITE


Purchasing your MOAW is easy as 1-2-3.

Send an e-mail to info@frankyclaeys.com containing:

• the sales code(s) of the item(s) you wish to buy

• the quantity

• your full name and address

You will receive a confirmation of your order and the total amount owed by email.

Use the bank details included in this email to arrange payment.

Upon payment the tracking number of your parcel will be sent to you by email.

Delivery times cannot be specified since they depend on factors beyond our control.



Please, notice that our prices include 21% VAT and shipping is not included. For orders from outside the European Union make sure which import taxes are to be paid in your country.



Use a clean, soft cloth, moistened with water, to clean the lettering.

Do not rinse the lettering under the hot tab.

Do not use a scourer, since this could scratch the surface.

Do not use corrosive cleaning products with components like alcohol, ammonia, or methylated spirits, but use, for example, soft soap or plastic cleaner.


Careful use and maintenance prolong the life of the acrylate lettering.


Colours will lose intensity and luster when installed outdoors or in direct sunlight.



Please make sure to check your MOAW immediately upon delivery. Should you, in spite of our best efforts, find your MOAW damaged or broken, email us within 14 days at info@frankyclaeys.com, mentioning your details, describing the problem encountered, and attaching scans of your purchase order and the pack number enclosed in your MOAW-box. Claims reaching us after this period do not qualify for our free return policy. When all terms are met, we will ask you to return the damaged or broken goods in the original box, so don’t throw them away!



All parts of this product can be bought separately. Send an email to info@frankyclaeys.com and we will send you a quote and further instructions. Upon payment we will send you the spare parts in question. Mind you, we cannot guarantee a 100% colour match since our acrylate MOAWs are made in batches that vary slightly.



The producer of this product carefully takes into account the impact of its activities on the environment. All residual materials can be recycled. During the processing and assembly of our products we look for the best ways in which they can be recycled.


Out of concern for the environment MOAW has made a deliberate choice for FSC-certified paper obtained from sustainable forestry.


In case your MOAW has worn off or has been broken, you shouldn’t feel too concerned about the waste you have created: We offer the environmental friendly option to return it to us for optimal recycling.



For questions, information, full press kits, and returns : info@frankyclaeys.com


This product is designed and produced by franky claeys.



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